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The PG Department of Chemistry was elevated to the research status in 2013 and active research is progressing. We have six faculty registered as research guides.

Dr Suma N (Polymer Technology), Dr Biju Mathew (Analytical& Inorganic Chemistry), Dr Manohar D Mullassery & Dr Noeline B Fernandez (Medicinal & Environmental Chemistry), Dr Shibu Joseph ( Nanomaterials), Dr Sarau Devi A (Co-ordination Chemistry)

The topics of present research are

  • Environmental studies
  •  Water quality analysis
  • Drug delivery studies
  • Polymer technology
  • Nanomaterials
  • Co-ordination Chemistry
  • Environment Friendly Research Topics

    1. Synthesis  of graphene by Solar Exfoliation method

    2.Removal of heavy metals using biochars from   banana stem

    3.   Removal of heavy metals and dyes using ion exchangers

    4. Detection of Uranium concentration in water bodies.

Report on the work of research guides – Department of Chemistry

Dr Shibu Joseph S T

Brief description about the synthesis and properties of Anisotropic Nano materials:

The optical properties of metal nanoparticles are of great importance for applications in the fields of photonics, electronics, sensing, and various other biochemical uses. It has been demonstrated that the presence sharp edges and tip provides a very high sensitivity to local changes in the dielectric environment, as well as larger enhancements of the electric field around the nano particles. For this reason an increasing number of synthetic procedures are being developed, aiming at a simultaneous control of the size and shape of the metal nano particles, among which the production of gold nano-spheres, nano rods, or even nano platelets with a certain degree of control of the size/ shape distribution can almost be considered as routine experiments. Other more sophisticated geometries have been seldom reported and are often limited by a low yield of the morphology of interest, by a poor control of particle size and high polydispersity, or by ill-defined properties. The size and shape dependent physical properties of nano particles provide tunable materials with broad potential application and the fabrication of structurally complex nanoparticles further enhances their functionality. The synthesis of semiconductor nanowires with core/shell heterostructures creates electronic junctions within the nanowire that can act as tunable nanophotonics light emitting diode. The synthesis of branched quantum dots could enable studies of entangled quantum sates and quantum information processing within individual nano particles.

Dr Noeline B Fernandez

Developing supercapacitor electrode materials from biochars.

The work focuses on the preparation of biochars, optimization of preparation procedure, chemical characterization of the material, utilization of the material as electrode material for supercapacitors. From the biochar base, composites are developed incorporating polymer. The electrical conductivity measurements and capacitance/impedence studies are carried out.


  • Collaborative work with prestigious institutions.
  • Opportunity to interact with scientist
  • Facilitate student projects
  • Our research department provide opportunity for students to pursue their PhD


  • Strengthen infrastructure facilities.
  • Intensify the interaction with other institutes.


Research Projects

Sl. no  Name of PI/CI Duration Amount sanctioned Funding agency  
1 Dr.Biju Mathew 2012-14 1.70 lakhs UGC  
2 Dr.Shibu Joseph ST 2016-18 24.51 lakhs BRNS, DAE (Major)  
3 Dr. Manohar D. Mullassery 2016-18 4.90  lakhs 12,000/- UGC KSCSTE  
4 Dr. Noeline B. Fernandez 2016-18 4.65 lakhs 12,000/- UGC,2016 KSCSTE  
5 Dr. Sarau Devi A. 2016-18 3.41 lakhs UGC  

Student Projects

S.l no  Name of PI/CI Duration Amount sanctioned Funding agency
  Dr. Manohar D. Mullassery/ Reshma Kuriakose 2016-2017 13,000 Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment   (KSCSTE)
  Dr. Noeline B. Fernandez/ Jelen Das   2016-2017 12,000 Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment ( KSCSTE)

List of Investigators with Project details

1. Dr Shibu Joseph S.T. – (2016-18)

  • BRNS DAE Support Major Research Project of Rs. 25,45,000 entitled “Spatial distribution of uranium and associated water quality parameters in the southern districts of Kerala”
  • List of Equipments purchased under BRNS DAE Support Major Research Project
  1. Bench Top Ion selective meter for Fluoride
  2. LED Fluorimeter
  3. Survey meter
  4. UV Visible Spectrophotometer
  5. Global Positioning system
  6. Micro- processor Water and Soil Analysis Kit
  7. PCS tester 35 Water proof Multiparameter tester
  8. Electronic Balance

2. Dr Biju Mathew – (2012-14)

UGC approved an amount of Rs.170000 for the Minor project entitled “An Investigation to Develop Sensitive and Selective Spectrophotometric Reagents for Zirconium and Tungsten using Sulphur, Nitrogen and Oxygen Donor Chelates”

  • List of Equipments purchased under UGC Minor Project
  1. UV Visible Spectrophotometer

3. Dr. Sarau Devi A. – (2016 -18)

UGC approved an amount of Rs.341000 for the Minor project entitled “Structural-crystal-optical-and biological activities of metal complexes/ frameworks derived from heterocycles as benzothiazoles”

  • List of Equipments purchased under UGC Minor Project
  1. Laboratory Oven
  2. Hydrothermal Autoclave
  3. Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Desicator
  4. Water bath
  5. pH meter
  6. Conductivity meter
  7. Magnetic Stirrer
  8. Heating Mantle

4. Dr Manohar D. Mullassery - (2016 -18)

  • UGC approved an amount of Rs.490000 for the Minor project entitled “Microwave Assisted Green Synthesis Of Mesoporous Silica Material For The Targeted And Controlled Drug Delivery”
  • List of Equipments purchased under UGC Minor Project
  1. Microwave Oven
  2. Muffle furnace
  3. Water Bath Shaker
  4. Electronic Balance
  5. Water Distillation Unit
  6. Hot Air Oven
  7. pH meter
  8. Magnetic Stirrer
  9. Heating Mantle
  • KSCSTE approved an amount of Rs.12000 for the Students project entitled Microwave assisted green chemistry synthesis of acrylamide grafted cyclodextrin and its application in drug delivery.

5. Dr Noeline B. Fernandez – (2016 -18)

  • UGC approved an amount of Rs.465000 for the Minor project entitled “Development Of Magnetic Biochars For Heavy Metal Remediation”
  • List of Equipments purchased under UGC Minor Project
  1. UV Visible Spectrophotometer
  2. Water Bath Shaker
  3. pH meter
  4. Magnetic Stirrer
  5. Heating Mantle
  • KSCSTE approved an amount of Rs.13000 for the Students project entitled “Development Of Biochars For Methylene Blue Remediation From Aqueous Solutions”

Research Guides and their area of Specialization

Dr. Suma N                                                                        Polymer Technology

Dr. Biju Mathew                                                                 Analytical and Inorganic chemistry

Dr.Manohar Mullassery                                                     Waste water management, Medicinal chemistry

Dr.Neoline B Fernandez                                                    Environmental Chemistry

Dr.Shibu Joseph                                                                Nanomaterials

List of Research Scholars

  • Mrs. Surya. S (full time)
  • Mrs. Diana Thomas (full time)
  • Mrs. Linda E Jacob (full time)
  • Mrs. Mini. V (part time)
  • Mrs. Prabha. J (part time)